HDH 100

Non-Shrink Grout

A non-shrink self leveling cementitious grout powder. It is a pre-packed blend of selected cements graded silica sand and compatible admixture, requiring the addition of water to produce a high strength grout with exceptional flow properties.


High early strength                Durable

Non-Shrink                            Non metallic

High flowability retention       Chloride and iron free


Depth: Minimum section thickness    10 mm

Maximum section thickness   100 mm

Where the section thickness is greater than 100 mm refer to the technical data sheet for Formex HDH 200.

Average Compressive Strength in MPa (N/mm.sq.)

Age (days)

Consistency        1         3        7        14      28      56

  Pourable         42      56      68       74      77       79

  Flowable         40      54      65       71      74       76 

  Fluid                30      50      60      67      70       73

Flowable life: Fluid Consistency at 20 deg. C. 2 hours

           3 hours if continuously agitated.

Setting Times:  At 20 deg. C.

         Initial Set 5 hours

         Final  Set 7 hours

Wet Density: 2610  kg/cu. m. at Fluid consistency

Flow Cone  Test:  Tested to ASTM Standard C939-87

              Efflux times at fluid consistency when mixed with mixer

                 20 deg. C.33 seconds

                 5 deg. C.     33 seconds

Yield:25kg of grout powder yields 12-1/2 liters of fluid grout.

         2000 kg  yields 1 cu. m. of fluid grout.

Packaging: Formex Grout is supplied in 25 kg bag.

Shelf Life: 12 months when stored in dry conditions in

                original unopened  kraft paper bag.

Safety: Prolonged exposure to the skin should be avoided.

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